Change my cloud service to Openshift

I have a little web app and need to host it somewhere. After researching for a while, I have several options that I think suitable for my needs: Appfog, Openshift, Cloudbees,…

Firstly I chosen Appfog because of its easy deployment feature. However, it has disabled the custom domain feature, so that I have to use their subdomain (amazon web service) and that’s really long address and hard to remember.

Then I give Openshift a try and, wow, it’s great. With Openshift, I can customize my address (using subdomain of my existing domain through CNAME). It works reliably. It even give us SSH access which help to run php composer.phar update command never easier. I have more sense of control when using Openshift.

Openshift used Amazon web service too. Therefore we can trust the reliability of the service. Openshift it own is the product of Red Hat, a leading linux vendor in the world.

Therefore I decided to move my blog as well as my apps into Openshift.

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