English news returned

If you follow me in the net from beginning, you might know my original website in which I posted everything in English. It’s because I want to practice English and improve English writing skill. After a period of discontinue, I think it’s time to resume the activity.

Now is the most crazy time in audit busy season. We have only about a haft of month to issue most, if not all, audit report. So everybody will have to hurry up. It’s the final stage.

Today I cleared all review notes in my 2 financial statements. Hope that I will not change again, especially CPP which I have to spend a lot of my time to complete it. It’s very crazy that after the review of partner, we have to revise the FS as requirement of the client X(.

Now I just have 2 outstanding: from a PV company and a marine entity. PV is ok but the marine client is the big thing. I don’t think we can issue its report before the deadline of 31 March 2009.

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