Learning award

2011 is the year of anniversary of 20 years of Deloitte Vietnam. To celebrate it, together with welcoming new year, the firm has a party at Sheraton hotel.
After coming back from Vung Tau where I have a deadline client and have to work on Saturday, I have a short time to come home before go to Sheraton. In there, I met some colleagues, take some photo and then come for dinner.
The ceremony is not special at all. It’s just a normal year end party. But I like the speech of David Aderson – our managing director. It motivate staffs, and make me have a corporate view about our business. Of course, another reason is that I have read an interesting interview of Madam Thanh on a magazine before.
The award granting was at the end of the party. I have received Learning Award for completing CPA exam at the first attempt with highest scores in HCMC (of course, I’m the only one who passed at the first attempt this year). The prize comprise of a certificate, a bottle of wine, an envelope contain 500 K VND.
The award make me happy. I want to receive more prizes. Of course, I have to try much more, but now I have motivation.

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